Disposable High Easy Sling  with Loops

  • A general purpose sling designed for single patient use, specifically in acute settings to limit cross contamination
  • Easy to apply, all supplied with padded legs, a sewn-in stiffened head support, and additional tailoring to commode aperture as standard
  • Suitable for use with the leading standard spreader bar type lifts (loop fixing)
  • All slings are fitted with a warning ‘DO NOT USE’ label which only becomes visible when in contact with liquid as an additional safety measure
  • Sold in packs of ten

The finer details


95% Non-Woven Polypropylene / 5% Polyester
Not suitable for wet environments


A: Shoulder circumference B: Top of head to base of spine

Imperial Sizing

X Small
A. 30–34 in
B. 23.5–26 in

A. 34–38 in
B. 26–29 in

A. 38–42.5 in
B. 29–31.5 in

A. 42.5–51.25 in
B. 31.5–34.5 in

X Large
A. 51.25–56.75 in
B. 34.5–39.5 in

XX Large
A. 56.75–63 in
B. 38–41 in

Metric sizing

X Small
A. 76–86 cm
B. 60–66 cm

A. 86–96 cm
B. 66–74 cm

A. 96–108 cm
B. 74–80 cm

A. 108–130 cm
B. 80–88 cm

X Large
A. 130–144 cm
B. 88–100 cm

XX Large
A. 144–160 cm
B. 96–104 cm

User Physicality
  • Limited body control
  • Limited head control
  • Limited head trunk and hip control
  • Limited mobility
Additional Specifications

SWL (safe working load): 272 kg / 600 lb
Do Not Wash: Not suitable for wet environments, Short service disposable sling